Let's treat your body and mind to holistic care

Do you experience:

  • lasting headaches,
  • aching back or shoulders,
  • digestive problems,
  • PMS or cycle disorders,
  • acne, eczema, allergies,
  • burning or watering eyes,
  • worries you would like to talk about and resolve,
  • lack of inspiration,
  • persistent fatigue,
  • other obstacles to a happy life?

Whether something has been bothering you long-term or just recently, if you wish to get to the bottom of the cause and find a possible way to improve the whole situation and you want to actively take care of yourself to stay fit, do get in touch. 

We can focus on lifestyle, physical wellbeing, communication or relationship problems.

At MaZe you can safely clarify your thoughts and find a way of changing the existing attitudes or unfruitful habits so that you get to feel good.

My approach is tailor-made and our success depends above all on your determination to get out of the imaginary maze.

Who am I?

Coach, facilitator, therapist, guide, traveler, friend ... simply everything my heart guides me to do.

A mixture of personal experiences, setbacks, studies, international work experience - not limited to the field of personal development, coaching, training or facilitation - and ten years of living abroad, are an irreplaceable fountain of knowledge, experience and energy I source from. Through endless mutual sharing and learning I came to the opinion that dreams don't have to be just part of a vacation or another line on a growing wish list, but a driving force on a chosen personal path. It is up to us to find it, that was how I found myself on the path of coaching and holistic therapy in order to be able to offer insight into bodily matters in addition to the often only mental ones addressed in coaching.

I will be happy to support you in finding your personal path, the necessary life energy and suitable solutions so you feel well long term.

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Sport and relax masseuse: Relax Image Praha 2003
Personal & Business Coaching, The Irish Lifecoach Institute, Ireland 2009
Career Coaching: The Irish Lifecoach Institute, Ireland 2009
Reiki 1st level Shoden: Altía, Chile 2011
NLP: Inpact, Chile 2012
Kinesiology One Brain, level I, II (Romana Šlezarová, Lada Říhová)
Traditional Chinese medicine: Akademie tradiční čínské medicíny, Brno 2020 - 2023 (MUDr. Alexandra Vosátková, MUDr. Jana Nezvalová)
NVC: KoLibri, Brno 2022
Akupuncture: Akademie tradiční čínské medicíny, Brno 2021 - 2023 (MUDr. Alexandra Vosátková)
Pulse diagnotics Shen Hammer, 1. škola TCM, Praha 2023
Heavenly stems and earthly branches in Chinese medicine, Pavel Heger, Brno 2023 - 2024

My offer

Coaching sessions are conversations in which we ask questions to find the answers, inspiration, change, possibilities, attitudes and liberation, all based on trust in the fact, that we know the answers to what we need, but it is necessary to vocalize them, transform them into decisions and implement them.
We often lack determination, we don't know where to start, where to find support and energy. We wander in imaginations and expectations like in a maze. We expect that changes will come from outside and everything will flow, but lo and behold, there comes a crash, a shock, a disappointment. I myself tested what it means and decided to change my approach. In our meetings, I want to enable you to avoid similar collisions, or are you happy in your maze?
Holistic therapy, many troubles have their basis in feelings. Emotions move us forward yet, unfortunately, the head ignores them and commands to keep going. We suppress ourselves, we man up and pull. We disregard warnings until a physical problem, acute or chronic, manifests itself. We take the medicine and go on, never thinking to stop and ask why do I have this problem? What am I doing wrong?
Holistic therapy takes cause and effect into account and aims to restore balance. Step by step, it untangles the maze and leads to its exit. It teaches us to take responsibility for how we are. Once we understand the basic principles of our functioning, we can prevent ailments by becoming our own medicine. If you find the determination and patience to leave the maze, we can set off on the journey.
Workshops, should you wish to find out more about TCM's role in our day to day life, or if you are considering therapy but wish to get a glipse of my work, make sure to check the workshop section.
We can communicate in Czech, English, Spanish or French.

An example to ilustrate possible healing journey.

First of all we'll clarify the reason of your visit, next we'll go through initial diagnostics to help us decide on the best steps ahead. It can be a combination of coaching, holistic therapies, or just one of them. It may happen that you come to a coaching session only to realize that you also need to pay attention to your body and we'll agree on holistic therapy. The most suitable combination will depend on your intention and need.


Coaching/ NLP session

60 minutes

2000,- Kč

Holistic therapy: Initial diagnostics

(diagnostics, therapy plan, herbal remedies, treatment)

90 minutes

1500,- Kč

Holistic therapy: Check up

(post Initial diagnostics)

30 minutes

500,- Kč

Relaxation therapy

(e.g. reflexology massage, shiatsu, acupressure, reiki etc.)

60 minutes

1000,- Kč

Holistic therapy: Basic package of 5 treatments

(paid upfront)
4500,- Kč


(group activity on a specific topic as per the above offer; listed price is per person)

120 minutes

500,- Kč
Sessions, therapies as well as the workshops take place at Cesta Integrity, Nálepkova 197/14, Brno Jundrov.
Initial meeting, whether coaching or holistic therapy, are payable in advance by bank transfer. Information will be sent to you when the appointment is confirmed.
Note: 200,- for every additional 15 minutes started. In unavoidable cases, consultations can also be carried out online/by phone.
Appeal: Come on time so that we prevent disruption of other scheduled meetings, including yours.
Cancellation: If you cannot attend, send me an SMS or email 48 hours in advance otherwise you will be charged for the meeting in full. Don't deny yourself or others the opportunity to feel better. Thank you.


Reservation system helps you to reserve a session in Brno Jundrov, should you need one in the center or on a different day, let me know via the form below, text or call.


Please use this form in case of questions.
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Registred seat and contact details

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